Friday, January 9, 2009

Holocaust indeed occurred

Holocaust indeed occurred Gaza, Palestine to strike and destroy without mercy and without pity the hearts of the world where "Where is the conscience of human beings Her family has suffered most at the hands of colonial settlement named Israel showed her children that they are terrorists ... What terrorists stone? An open mind, naked? Bdmuahm? Necessary for the whole world to know what Israel and its genocide of the people of the earth ... Most of the dead were children and women Not Erho innocence of children, women and tears Tkalpo Audaciously to kill them and the support of the international community, the people fall silent Is Silent


Anonymous said...

stay away from spamming my blog, you bastard!

Regi said...

I can belive all this!! It`s just terrible! I hope it ends and change some day!

Kisses to everyone!


نهر الحب said...

عرفت انك عربى فلسطينى من العلم
بارك الله فيك ووفقك
ونصر فلسطين العربية الابية
تحياتى لكم يا شعب العزة